UMEUS is version 2.0 of the student co-living experience. 

UMEUS is designed around the traditional dorm co-living concept. Taking the core community components from popular dorms and upgrading them to a modern setting. This means specially designed and furnished private rooms and bathrooms, upgraded hallway community kitchens plus extensive additional shared community space. Such as functional gyms, study zones, lounge areas, café, laundry and more.

Every inch of UMEUS is purposefully designed with today’s students in mind. To provide the best foundation for students to grow and succeed. Always at affordable prices, placed in great locations, near city centres and educational institutions.



Designed for a positive student co-living experience. Dedicated to developing student communities.


High quality co-living based on real student needs (safe, secure, reliable and in great locations).


The platform for a successful student experience and personal growth. An enabler for learning and for life.

Actual UMEUS building, seen from outside, with joint areas at ground level (preliminary)

UMEUS room example, partially furnished (preliminary)

Joint area example: professional study hall with group rooms (preliminary)